Top Features to Note in UWELL Caliburn A2 Vape

by Delia

For beginners, the UWELL Caliburn A2 vape is a fantastic vape pen. It gives a great vaping experience and has a stylish look that stands out from other vape pens on the market thanks to a variety of features.

The top characteristics of the Caliburn A2 vape pen include:

Large Tank Size

This vape boasts of a sizable 5ml tank capacity, which will last for several hours before needing to be refilled. Additionally, you can use it repeatedly without having to replace it each time. When using it at home or while you’re out and about, you can fill up your tank with your preferred e-juice and not have to worry about running out of juice thanks to the huge tank capacity.

Check Window for E-Liquid

You can check how much e-juice is still in the Caliburn A2’s tank without removing the top cap thanks to its e-liquid check window. When refilling your device, this helps prevent any unintentional spills or leaking of e-liquid.

Top Filling Property

With the top filling function of the Caliburn A2, you can refuel your tank without taking off the top cap. Simply detach the mouthpiece, fill your tank with e-juice through the fill hole, and then screw the mouthpiece back on to use. After refuelling your tank with fresh e-juice, you may also use this option to remove any remaining juice.

Comfortable Grip

Whether you’re new to vaping or are an experienced user, this vape pen is simple to use with either direct draw or button draw. Because the integrated 650mAh battery is rechargeable, you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries frequently. Additionally, it contains a type C fast charging port, which means it will recharge quickly.

Mouth to Lung Lip Vape Fitting

This device’s lip fitment is made to make mouth-to-lung vaping as simple as possible. Additionally, it guarantees that using your e-liquid won’t give you a burnt flavour. So, if you’re searching for a mouth-to-lung vaping device, this is among your top options right now.

Cartridge with a magnet

The magnetic cartridge makes it very simple and mess-free to refill your tank. Since there is no mess when refilling them, this makes refilling simpler than with most other devices currently available on the market!

Direct Draw or Button Draw

This means you don’t need to push any buttons in order to take a hit directly from the atomizer. You will be able to appreciate your e-full juice’s flavour more readily with the help of this function.


For anyone who is new to vaping or even for those who have tried it once or twice in the past but aren’t yet ready to commit to a serious setup, the UWELL  Caliburn A2 vape starter kit is a great option.

It’s a wonderful option for individuals who want something that is little and simple to use. Most pens don’t create vapour as pure as the one the cartridge produces. This device’s draw is also incredibly smooth, making it a choice that should be taken into account if you plan to use it frequently.

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