Pro Tips and Benefits of using Foam Bottle

by Delia

Using a foam bottle will help to give out the liquid in the form of foam from the foam bottle. Foam bottles can be used for the purpose of using a bar of liquid soap, hand wash, or face wash on your hand for your comfort. If you are thinking of using foam bottles while taking a bath, be aware because these bottles will not work in moisture.

You have to keep foam bottles in your vanity box or in a dry place. Can you think how this small bottle can produce foam with liquid only? You will be amazed to know that there is a pump inside the cap which mixes air and liquid in the bottle and produce foam.

The net present in the lid is so delicate that its path will be blocked when used continuously. If you buy it from a shop, the shopkeepers will ask you not to use solid particles in this bottle because it will not work.

What type of soap or liquid can be used in foam bottles?

The liquids which contain potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide can be used in foam bottle. If you have purchased any type of liquid containing sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, you will not need any thickener.

Products containing KOH and NaOH are thick enough to produce foam in the nozzle. Do you want to make a liquid soap or a hand wash at your home? Remember one thing making a liquid with cold processed soap will not work efficiently and for a long time.

You should use such types of liquid which are able to produce lathered soap. Using different brands have a different amounts of water to be used for creating lathered foam.

How can you add water to a liquid present in a foam bottle?

If you want to dilute a general liquid, you can dilute it almost 2-4 times a day. If using a foam bottle for the first time gives you a good lather, then you have to remember your first experience for the first time. If you are looking for an exact ratio of using a liquid with water, then 30 ml of liquid and 30ml of water will be the best ratio to use for better texture and lathered foam. If it seems to be less water or less liquid in the soap, you can add the respective material to the foam bottle.

Filling a foam bottle

Everyone knows that excess of everything is bad. You should remember not to fill the foam bottle to the neck. Production of foam and working of nozzle needs some empty space. If you are over filling the foam bottle, the liquid present in the bottle will reach the air chamber in the lid and will clog it.

You are already aware of the quantity of liquid that should be present in a bottle; you can measure this amount and can pour it into the foam bottle. One thing is also necessary to remember not to tighten the bottle enough so that vacuum is created in the bottle.

Bottom line

All the methods for filling and using a foam bottle are explained in this article. You can completely read this article so that you can use your foam bottle properly at home. Using a foam bottle in the correct way will give you smooth foam.

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