Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Vape Pod: Proven Strategies for Longevity

by Delia

A vape pod starter kit is proven more affordable than most vaping devices available in the market. But this fact can be the opposite when the vape pod is not properly cared for. Frequent buying of vape pods just because they didn’t last for various minor reasons can be super expensive. In this article, useful guides and some tips will be provided to ensure the longevity of lifespan of any vape pod device.

Proper Storage and Keeping

Storing any device in a proper environment is proven to make the device’s lifespan longer, and vape devices such as vape pods are no exception. Sometimes, the awkward forgetfulness of leaving a vape pod in a pants pocket is more proper than leaving it on a random table. Just remember not to include it along with the laundry during wash day. All vapers must have done something like leave the vape device on the work table and leave it there entirely. Doing such can sometimes be okay, but it can be a major disaster waiting right in the corner for vapers with pets. Vape devices nowadays have bright and amusing colors for aesthetic purposes, especially pods, which can be the best target for the pet’s new chew toy when left on an open table. Thus, putting it in a table drawer is much more ideal and provides almost the same convenience as long as no magnetic devices or things are inside that drawer. Professional vapers usually have a dedicated shelf or storage box for vaping devices. These are ideal for keeping all devices and peripherals well-kept and safe. Other noteworthy safekeeping advice to prolong any vape device’s lifespan are:

  • Avoiding direct sunlight on the device.
  • Storing it in a dry place.
  • Not storing it near devices that emit radio signals and magnetic connectivity.

It is also worth noting that storing a vape device inside a chiller or fridge is a big no-no. It is just a big misconception without any basis or benefits. This misconception is more popular among those who use disposable vapes with the claim of “making the e-liquid last longer”, but it is also common to vape pods with disposable cartridges hoping to get the false promise of this misconception. Putting a disposable vape, pods, or any vaping device inside a fridge will cause internal moisture that will surely cause permanent damage to the device. Doing so will not prolong the number of puffs, but it is a sure one-way ticket to ruin a vaping device.

Tricks or Exploits?

There are tons of video tutorials over the internet promising that these tricks will benefit certain vaping devices. Most are just exploitations on the vaping device, technically and honestly speaking, and not tricks. The most common of these so-called “tricks” for the vape pods is refilling the closed pod systems, which are not meant to be refillable. The tutorial “trick” involves poking a hole or making a permanent hole into the device’s cartridge to be refillable. While some even include tearing the vape device apart to make it some sort of refillable. To be fair, the refillable part of the claim seems true, but the quality of vaping after doing it will be far from intended. Also, these tricks only give the device permanent damage, including e-liquid leakage, internal component damage, or worse, the device is now permanently unusable. Making these tricks 100% inappropriate and useless, with only short-term benefits and permanent damage to the device.


Any vaping device, including vape pods, can stand the test of time. All vaping devices are carefully studied, patented, built, and manufactured before being released to the public. Only proper handling, responsible vaping, and respecting the design of any vape device’s purpose are needed to ensure it lasts for years. It is just a small price to pay and consider compared to the better lifestyle brought by vaping devices. Take good care of the vape devices as they take good care of all the vapers’ better lives in exchange.

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