What Are The Most Valuable Pokémon Gold Cards

by Delia

If you play Pokémon frequently, you will agree that the golden pokemon cards usually have the highest both in the game and in real life. Buying these cards are one of the safest ways for you to enjoy the Pokémon game. Only a few other cards can rival the golden cards in terms of value. These cards have been in existence for a while in the Pokémon game, but their existence was only a side attraction to give more flair to cards. However, these golden cards are the only ones useful to get non-rule boxes in the game. In this article, we will go over different types of golden pokemon cards, explaining their essence and advantages.

Ultra ball Pokémon card

The ultra ball Pokémon card is great for the sun and moon base set game. It is the 116th card of the game, and it is great to get some poke balls from the Poké market. This card is one of the older ones known for getting poke balls easily. The only ball it couldn’t get a hold of was the master ball.

Mew Pokémon Gold card

The mew golden pokemon card is one you will find only in the celebrations as the 25th card. This celebration game is one renowned for bringing popularity and having some beneficial cards since Pokémon history. The mew card was one of the main cards in the celebration man set. The card has a mew shining as its display with blue colorization, instead of the

Crushing hammer Gold Pokémon card

The Crushing hammer Pokémon card is the 166th card in the ultra prism game. If you are playing a Pokémon game and your opponent has the Crushing hammer card, get ready for a frustrating experience. This card comes in the format of the sword and shield game and if you could stack up to four of this card, you will keep going up. You will need to flip a coin while using this card and your opponent may escape. However, when the opponent takes a pivotal turn, you will eventually hit with a hammer

Solgaleo-gx Gold Pokémon card

Solgaleo-gx is the 173rd game in the ultra prism game, same as the crushing hammer card. It is a golden card, but this is a card both players will love instead of hating opponents using the Crushing hammer. The Solgaleo-gx card is crucial to the sun and moon games as it helps with the plot of the game.

Arceus Vstar Gold Pokémon card

Arceus vs tsr card is the 184th card in the brilliant star Pokémon game. This card is a great card to have if you’re competing in the brilliant stars. The highest model of the Arceus v star card is the gold rare card and it is important for people going for local and regional Pokémon competition.


Pokémon, like any other game, is an interesting game to play only when you are winning multiple times. To properly win, you can’t do without the golden cards, as they help you add some flair to the game. We have discussed some types of golden cards you can add to your pokemon game, highlighting their respective features and advantages. You can choose any one of these cards to keep enjoying the game.

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