The Finest Places To Shop Online for Old School T-Shirts

by Delia

We may rap for hours on the intricacies of a new tee, but nothing beats the satisfaction of a vintage oversized t shirts that has been worn in just so. The washed-out hues, the hypnotizing cracks in the screen-printed designs, the unrivaled softness that new shirts strive to achieve.

They’re the exact opposite of the perfectly clean and tidy bulk purchases you may make at warehouse clubs. Adding a touch of character to your ensemble is as simple as throwing one on. That’s why we adore them so much. Oh, and they’re much better for the environment as well.


eBay is both a chaotic marketplace and the largest vintage store in the world. Even though it lacks the ambiance of a real antique shop, sifting through its seemingly endless pages is as close as you can get to the experience of shopping in one. If you’re ready to brave the peaks and valleys of eBay’s vintage T-shirt marketplace, you may find some hidden treasures.


Etsy is more like a well-organized flea market than eBay, which sometimes feels like a jungle. Various merchants offer anything from homemade crafts to vintage home furnishings to random novelty items.

A person selling used T-shirts is a staple of each flea market. Since there are no bidding battles to worry about, it has a more refined and less intimidating vibe than eBay.


Men that care about their style and can tell you the difference between a Junya and a Jun, as well as streetwear resellers, flock to Grailed. It has recently gained a reputation as a go-to spot for finding high-quality retro t-shirts in various styles and fits.

That said, if you’re looking to locate a truly unique item at a ridiculously low price, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

Wyco Vintage

Wyco Vintage is one of the best locations to shop if you’re looking for the vintage T-shirt. Their collection of concert tees is like a library with bookshelves devoted to different bands, musical styles, decades, and more.

Find hard-to-find hip-hop merch among Grateful Dead relics and Led Zeppelin shirts in this shop’s extensive clothing section. In addition to the usual vintage clothing, you can discover some rare Star Wars t-shirts, tie-dye, and more.

Wyco’s vintage collection is where you should look if you’re a discerning shopper who doesn’t have time to sift through countless unwanted t-shirts.

Used Junk

To find a vintage shirt that has seen better days and yet sports a nice print, visit Used Junk. Whether it’s a crew neck, V-neck, thermal, blank cotton tee, or branded T-shirt, everything looks amazing after fading and being damaged by the sun.

Intramural Shop

The aesthetic of Intramural extends well beyond the realm of audiophilia. Owner and visionary shopper Bijan Shahvali is responsible for the store’s unique assortment.

A promotional Wrangler-branded ashtray coexists peacefully with a vintage IBM cup and a cycling jersey made by Herman Miller. Visit Intramural for a curated collection of graphic T-shirts if you have an eye for aesthetics and like design, jazz, and the silver screen.

Kissing Booth

You may leave Kissing Booth with a nasty pair of old Levi’s or a chore coat because the store specializes in vintage Americana, militaria, and workwear.

You can get your hands on a wide variety of retro shirts in a rainbow of bright colors, including some sweet ringer styles from the ’70s.

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