Reasons Why You Should NOT Use a Pressure Washer On Your Roof

by Delia

A pressure washer can be very useful for many purposes. You can use the pressure washer to wash a concrete floor, your car, and even the house itself. The pressure washer is efficient, quick, and time-saving. And while it can be used to wash many items, there are some items you should not wash with your pressure washer. One of these items is your roof. It is not like you can never wash your roof with a pressure washer. However, it is usually a risky task. Most shelters have a slanting structure, and as such, there is no base for you to stand while pressure washing properly. Sometimes, the pressure coming from the water in a pressure washer can be much and throw you off balance. Falling from the roof is not something you want, especially when your house is a tall house. You may break a leg or, at worse, lose the leg.

Apart from the risk involved in pressure washing your roof, there are other reasons why you should not clean your roof with a pressure washer. Let us take a look at different reasons why you should not wash your roof with a pressure washer;

Reduces roof lifespan

When you put a roof on your building, it has an expected period which it is supposed to last. Now, the factors that affect the lifespan of your roof include weather activities and the likes. Already, when there is excessive rain or snow, it can reduce the roof’s lifespan. Rain and snow are natural occurrences, but when you now want the water coming from your pressure washer, it will increase the presence of water on the roof. Also, you can’t pressure wash a roof from the floor; you need to climb to the top of the roof. Naturally, roofs aren’t built to carry machine loads; talk less of a human load. This also can decrease its lifespan.

Cause leaks

Continuously pouring water at pressure with your pressure washing device means the water is hitting your roof at a certain force. This force may be too much and will hit your roofs at the joints and shingles. In turn, these joints will give way, and the roof may start to leak. Of course, there are easy fixes to your roof leakage, but when you continuously pressure wash it, the leakages will become multiple and will affect you drastically. It may even need a total replacement.

Changes roof colors

When you want to choose a roofing system for your home, you have the liberty of color. Most homeowners choose colors based on their preference and house colors. If you pressure wash the roof frequently with the pressure washer and detergent, you will notice these colors may begin to give way. Ordinarily, continuously pouring water on a coloured material will make it lose its initial color. It may have a similar color, but not the same. When you now add detergent, a solution that removes color mostly, you will change the color of the roof.


Pressure washing your roofs makes it look better, but at the end of the day, it is not so good. We aren’t saying never use the pressure washing machine on the roof, but try to use it optimally.

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