Common Types of Hair Weaves

by Delia

There are so many ranges of hair weaves that exist in the beauty industry. These weaves not only enhance the beauty of the wearer but also boost one’s self-confidence. A woman should have at least 2-3 quality hair weaves of different types in her collection.

Fortunately for you, the common types of hair weave that should be considered worthy of being in any woman’s collection will be listed here. But before going straight to it, you need to know that with every weave comes its unique texture.

The texture of any weave could come in different patterns, such as straight hair, body wave hair, deep wave hair, wavy hair, or tight curls. Some of these textures can be colored or exposed to heat, while others cannot.

Not to go any further from the main point, this article will discuss the five common hair weaves for every woman.

5 Common Types of Hair Weaves

The main types of hair weaves are natural fibers and synthetic ones. Natural hair weaves are quite costly and can last for a very long while without looking expired. Although, they need regular maintenance to prolong their durability.

On the other hand, synthetic weaves are more pocket-friendly and can be gotten easily from any hair store. You can’t wear synthetic weaves for a long period because they tend to look worn out after a short period.

Moving on to the common types of hair weaves, there are Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, Brazilian, and Eurasia, of which all will be briefly elaborated on below.

Peruvian hair weave

This weave is the most coveted one of the bunch here. It is the perfect choice if you’re looking for both comfort and lightness. The silky tresses of this weave will give you an all-natural look while still providing you with the right amount of volume to enable you to rock it without stressing.

Malaysian hair weave

Malaysian hair weave is the type that works well for those who have delicate hair and those who are newbies in the styling of hair weaves. This type is very easy to manipulate and can be styled into whatever choice you deem fit.

Indian hair weave

Indian hair weaves are usually thick and quite easy to differentiate from the others. It comes in numerous styles and patterns, plus you don’t need to spend too much time styling the weave.

Brazilian hair weave

Every black woman needs this gem! It is the best option for African American women because of how thick, shiny and full it is. Unfortunately, this weave usually comes in just two colors; brown or black.

Eurasian hair weave

This one is a combination of both European and Asian hairs. They are great on relaxed hair and work well with flat irons. With this weave, you don’t have to bother about tangles as they have the least tangles on this list of common types of weaves.


With the above list, you can now try experimenting with the different types of hair weaves. Although they may be quite expensive, they are definitely worth the investment, so go get yourself any.

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