Start a Teddy Bear Business with Wholesale Teddy Bear Suppliers

by Delia

Teddy bear manufacturing is a booming industry that’s growing by leaps and bounds. It’s understandable why anyone would want to go into the business. Like any business, you have to do it right. To meet up with potential demands, you’ll have to find quality wholesale teddy bear suppliers.

But first things first, let’s get started with…

What are teddy bears?

Basically, they’re stuffed animals made out of all kinds of materials (like soft fur and cloth) and then dressed up with one or two accessories like a bow tie or sunglasses.

Getting Started

The best way to start your own teddy bear business is to have a plan.

Make a plan

Have a goal in mind and make sure you have everything you need—and then some—to get there. Everything, especially a business, needs a plan to become successful. Wishing thinking can only help you build castles in the air. When it all settles down, you’ll be left with nothing tangible, so make that plan!

Understand the business industry

Most businesses do not exist in isolation. There are other businesses in the industry you can draw strength and inspiration from. How have they survived and how profitable have they been? We know everyone loves teddy bears but do businesses make reasonable profits from sales?

Conduct market research

This exposes you to your target audience. Where are they? How can you reach them quickly? What do they want in a teddy bear? The more questions you find, the better informed you’ll be able to outsell your competitors. While most people won’t say no to a teddy bear, would they be willing to want to buy it? Is there a sales peak period in the year? Ask the questions!

Finding the right niche

This is a follow-up to a market research and survey. The best way to start a teddy bear business is by finding the right niche. You can choose from a variety of niches, including:

  • Cute bears that are made from all kinds of materials
  • Teddy bears with different expressions, such as happy, sad, or angry
  • Teddy bears that are dressed up in costumes
  • Teddy bears that have unique personalities and characteristics

Partnering with wholesale teddy bear suppliers gives you a wider range of niches to choose from.

How do you make sales?

Minus physical stores, there is always the option of putting the business online. Should you decide to go with this option, can you handle the extra logistics and shipping aspects of it? Can you afford to outsource it? Getting the teddy bears to the final customer is paramount in sustaining the business. Try not to overreach and overwhelm yourself. It’s always better to start small and slow, and then scale up as the business and profit grows.

Finding wholesale teddy bear suppliers

There are many wholesale teddy bear suppliers waiting to partner with you. However, as a new business, you should look for suppliers offering cheaper price, quality, and design options. No need to get overwhelmed as there are several of them waiting to hear from you.


Teddy bear businesses are a booming industry with plenty of scope for growth and expansion. With the right planning, research, and execution, you can start your own teddy bear business and make it a success. Have a plan, do your market research, find the right niche, make sales, and find wholesale teddy bear suppliers to partner with. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to starting a teddy bear business that is sure to be a success.

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