What Are The Differences Between Closure Wigs and Frontal Wigs

by Delia

When it is time to buy hair extensions, many are confused about whether to buy bundles with closure or frontal. For some people, they can not tell the difference between the two hair bundles. For others that can tell the difference, they do not know which one is best for them. Lace closure and Frontal are always compared amongst experts. It is an unending debate, as each has its advantage over the other. Both hair extension options are great options because they help you look better. You may see a lace closure today and fall in love with the wig. But wait until you see a Frontal wig that will leave you admiring too. That is why many are confused about which to do.

Hair bundles with closure usually come in a square size of 4 inches on both sides. Usually, this hair has one primary aim is to style your wig, or as the name implies, to close it off. The style of a wig closure starts from the middle. A closure wig can be limiting because it already has a design when you buy it. Lace frontals come in more rectangular sizes of 4inches and 13 inches or 16 inches. With these wig options, you get to look more natural and distinct. The goal of buying bundles with either closure or frontals is to look good. If you have been using Wigs for an extended period, you should know what already fits you. If you have not been using these wigs, you should allow your hairstylist the creative liberty to choose the hair that will suit you best. This guide is your perfect comparison between Frontal and closure hair bundles. Here, we will compare based on their features. Therefore, you get to choose based on what you need.

Lace frontals have more size options than closures

A lace closure wig has a size of 4×4 in most cases. You do not have a lot of options when you are choosing a closure wig. With lace frontal, you have the 4×4 size, but that is not the most common size. The most common sizes for lace front wigs are the 13×4 and 13×6 lengths. These sizes are fuller and longer, which is why lace front wigs are very common.

Frontals offer more style

Lace frontals offer you a lot of styles when you use them. You can arrange the hair however you wish based on your preference. With a closure wig, you have three options. It is either you choose the middle part wig, the free part, and the three-part styles. Each of these styles has its advantages, but they do not offer as much freedom as the lace frontal.

Closures last longer

When you buy a wig, you wish it lasts longer than you expect. If you are looking for the long-lasting option between lace Closures and frontals, the closure wigs always have it.

Closures are cheaper

Closure Wigs will save you more money when you go out to purchase. Also, its installation is easy, although installing frontals is a bit quicker. Therefore, you’ll be saving money and buying a wig that will last long.

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